About Loteria

Loteria TACO BAR is a gourmet taco restaurant where a selection of tacos—mostly tacos de guisado (tacos filled with juicy, braised meats) such as habanero mango chicken and beef barbacoa—anchor a menu which extends to dishes such as fresh house made salads, tostaditos, nachos, and fried sweet plantains. Our tortillas are freshly made every day; we only use the highest grade meats and produce; and, our chef-prepared sauces are made using a hybrid of modern and heirloom recipes.

At Loteria TACO BAR we endeavor to combine our love of fine dining with our passion for Latin cuisine. We believe that at the Loteria TACO BAR you will experience amazing tacos in a casual, comfortable and social setting Sometimes the stars align and the doors open, and this is what has happened for us with the opening of Loteria TACO BAR. We hope to bring people together with food, to enjoy one another’s company, laughter and love.

Our Menu

BOCADITOS (Appetizers)

Fresh chips and smoked jalapeno salsa 4.25

House made guacamole + chips + salsa 6.00

Fried sweet plantains cranberries + cilantro + spicy crema 7.

Market vegetable Quesadilla cheese, portabella mushroom, squash, pasilla chile, crema, guacamole 8.5

Loteria Quesadilla cheese, choice of meat, portabella mushroom, squash, pasilla chile, creams, guacamole 10.5

Plain Quesadilla cheese + salsa +sour cream + guacamole 7.

Garlic Yucca Fries fresh garlic + cotija cheese + spicy ketchup + cheese sauce 6.

Sweet Jalapeno Corn Cakes over wild arugula, topped with Mexican sour cream and salsa verde 7.5

House made Churros cinnamon + sugar +chocolate sauce 4.5


1 for $4
2 for $7.5
3 for $11
10 for $31

Add cilantro rice and Peruvian beans for $2.00

Pork carnitas tomatillo chile salsa, cilantro, onions

Steak carne asada with red onion cilantro and salsa tomatillo

Mango habanero braised chicken red pickled onions, cilantro mango relish

Fried cod pickled cabbage, spicy chipole creama, cilantro,

Beef barbacoa smoked jalapeno salsita red onion cilantro relish

Pork al pasor tomatillo salsa, pickled red onions, fresh pineapple

Seared ahi tuna japanese wakame salad, sweet soy glaze, avocado, sriracha

Duck carnitas spicy red mole, pickled red onions

Chipotle shrimp cabbage, pico de gallo salsa, chipotle cream

Portabella rajas pasilla chiles, squash, red onion, pasilla pepper, cilantro red onion relish and oaxacan cheese

Quinoa and black bean cilantro, onions, pico de gallo, smokey house made salsa

La Dama any choice of the taco filling served in an iceberg lettuce cup

Served on fresh corn tortillas


jarritos carbonated Mexican soft drink 3.

coca cola hecho en mexico 3.

diet coke 3.

ice tea 2.

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